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Rosemary Harrison

Rosemary Harrison

Dogs, dogs and more dogs

As a young child aged about 3, Mum had a little terrier called Tiny. If Rosemary was told off for being naughty she would disappear but could always be found in Tiny's kennel cuddling her and saying "my poor poor Tiny" just as if it was Tiny who had been told off...

My first dog

Growing up Rosemary was always around working terriers and her fathers Curly Coated Retriever. Rosemary's parents (not thinking for one minute that she would be able to save enough money to buy a dog) told Rosemary that if she saved she could have a dog of her own. Rosemary proved them wrong and not only did she save up enough money, but she rode her bicycle 8 miles to collect her new puppy, Dusty a Golden Retriever. Rosemary hadn't considered how she would get it home on her bike! The puppy's breeder very kindly took her back home with her new puppy and bike.

Adult life

Rosemary met Tony (Dawns Dad) and they got married when Rosemary was nearly 21. They decided to breed from Dusty. From the litter of puppies they kept one and called her Lady. Dawn has very early memories of falling asleep on Lady as a young child! Rosemary then had a Westie puppy but as Dawn and her brother, Paul were toddling around and starting to run about, keeping the Westie white proved a little difficult so Rosemary looked around for another similar breed and came across Cairns. Rosemary's first Cairn was from Sue Poole and was Rustleby Ruff & Tumble. This was in the mid 1970's. And as they say, the rest is now history.