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Trips and Shows

Photos of our Cairns at shows and Cairny trips!

Our Dogs

Featuring some of our dogs since Carradine was first registered back in 1973...

Cairns owned by friends and family

If you own a Carradine send us photos so we can create your own album....

18/1/16 Video of Eda zooming!!!

30/11/15 lets play ball!

Puppies bred by us

We can't resist cute puppy pictures and lovely photo as they grow up

Rainbow Bridge

Our Cairns that have passed away. So missed but with happy memories

Just lovely photos

That's it! Lovely pictures...


Inca and William.... FEb 2016

Jan 2015 Will plays the mouse game

Jan 2015 The Pups

Judy Nov 15

Inca and The Pups Dec 2015