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New Mikey pictures

Saturday 2nd May 2015

We have added several new photos to Snowdrop's puppy gallery - Mikey has now opened his eyes - he is so cute! Enjoy....!

Mikey has an eye eye!

Thursday 30th April 2015

Mikey has opened one of his eyes! When the other is fully open and Mikey is properly eye eyed (!) I will post some more pictures...

New Mikey pictures!

Wednesday 29th April 2015

We have added a few more pictures of Mikey, Snowdrop's baby!

Criccieth Crew Updated

Wednesday 29th April 2015

Sian & Claire have sent us two new photos and we have just added them to their gallery - enjoy!

Skoda shines through to have her own gallery

Tuesday 28th April 2015

Another new Gallery features Skoda. Skoda lived with us and is Bobbie's Mum. She now lives with Jackie & family in Ross and his having a fab time in her new home. Thanks to Jackie for giving Skoda such a great home 

Postcard from Stan

Tuesday 28th April 2015

Hello Mummy Dawn.

I have been having a bit of a sort out today of some of the toys I've been bought. Moved them out of the toy box into the hall.

Been really busy lately, learning lots of things. Not keen on the car but Sue and Pete keep taking me out and I'm getting used to it!!

We went to see Nanny this morning she's 91 and dropped a biscuit! I got it and ate it - wasn't meant to and it was fun them all trying to get it off me.

We go for walks but not for very long, they say we have to go home and can't stay out which I'd would love to do but I'm not very keen when it's dark. I know which is our house! I'm very good about going out to the toilet but never when we are out for a walk - I always wait until we are home and I can go in the garden! Think I'm meant to go while we are out but I don't won't people or other dogs watching me.

I love my food, just as you said when I was a baby, I eat everything I'm given.  I have a new bigger bed this week, the little one is in the kitchen now which I still like by the radiator and the new one is in the snug which is the room I have my toys in and the red sofa which I look out of the window from.

Hope my Mum and Dad are okay and being good.

Lots of love and wet kisses Stan

(you can see Stan's pictures in his own gallery in Cairns owned by Friends and Family - Stan!)

Jazzy has his own gallery too!

Tuesday 28th April 2015

Jazzy has his own gallery now too - see Cairns owned by Friends - Jazzy!

More pictures

Tuesday 28th April 2015

New pictures!
We have just added some new pictures to Zoe & Cherry's gallery - they are on chicken patrol and also new pictures in Amy's gallery - from when she was a pup at her first show and her looking very pretty down the field - Enjoy!!

George wins Best Of Breed at WELKS!

Saturday 25th April 2015

Today we exhibited at WELKS championship show at Three Counties Showground in Malvern

  • Kirsty won puppy, Best Bitch and Best Opposite Sex
  • George won Junior, Best Dog and Best of Breed and Best Puppy in Breed
  • Dexter won open and reserve best dog
  • Rita & Tippy won 3rd in open

We stayed to compete in the Terrier Group, George went really well, showed his socks off and seemed to really enjoy himself but we were unplaced. It was a great experience for him and one he took in his stride.


Mikey is so fat!

Thursday 23rd April 2015

Mikey, Snowdrop's baby, is now bouncing the scales at 1 pound 2 oz! He isn't even one week old.....