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New facebook page for The Dog House

Wednesday 22nd April 2015

check out our facebook page for The Dog House

Snowdrop & Mikey.....

Tuesday 21st April 2015

Snowdrop  gave birth to Mikey by c-section on Saturday 18th April. Mikey weighed in at a whopping 10 oz!

She is very proud of her new baby and Mikey loves to cuddle up to his Mummy - they have their own gallery in Pups - Snowdrop & Mikey

We hope you will enjoy following his development

New photos

Monday 20th April 2015

Check out our new photos - Herbie has his own gallery - Herbie & Bramble in Cairns owned by Family and Friends AND Bramble & Molly feature in the just lovely pictures gallery - ALSO Viv shared her daughters most beautiful picture of Dillon and Saffie making their way to the sea - its beautiful! Enjoy!

CTA Breed Club Open Show Results - 13/4/2015

Monday 13th April 2015

Dexter 2nd Open Dog & Reserve Best Dog in Show

George, 1st Puppy Dog and Reserve Best Puppy in Show

Tippy, 5th Open

Benji, 2nd Post Grad

Judge Helen Bakewell

Message from Stan

Friday 10th April 2015

Stan is a Lola baby (born 8/1/15) - he has sent a postcard back to us:

Dear Mummy Dawn.

Hello I thought as I'm three months old today I'd tell you what I've been getting up to! It's good here and Sue and Pete are okay!!

They say I'm very good. I love my bed and recently have started to get in my bed as soon as I'm told at bed time. The vet man - he's okay and says I'm very handsome (must not get big headed) there are nice ladies there too who like to give me a tickle, I like those a lot anytime and I also like a cuddle, Pete's really cool at cuddles. I love my food by why do scrambled eggs take such a long time to cool down - I seem to wait ages!!!

I like all the people I have meet and no one has been scary, lots of people have brought me presents and I have a big toy box which is in the room with the red sofa which I'm allowed on, I can look out of the window from there which is cool. I also have a bed in that room, I like it and have learnt to hump it. Pete and the vet laughed about that but Sue said I was much to young to do such things!!

Going out in the car is good and we have been out a lot, I have had to be carried which has been okay but I'm getting bored with that but the vet man said I have had to wait to walk because of the foxes that live around here but nearly there. I like my collar and lead now that I have got used to it and I have also got a harness thing. I have done a lot of gardening, think it's helpful but not sure! Love the thing called the hose pipe - water is great fun and ended being wrapped in a towel to today to get dry. Great fun in the warm sun. Pete said I can help get the summer house ready for summer tomorrow, think I will be a help don't you.

Will send you pictures as I get older.

Lots of love and kisses Stan.

New video on facebook

Monday 6th April 2015

Check out our facebook page to see the 5 puppies visiting Pets at Home - we didn't cause too much commotion - just a few lovely comments as 5 pups and 2 adult Cairns (Pansy & Mandy) wondered around the store. thanks to Paul, Vic, Ben & Luke for helping out!


Friday 3rd April 2015

Rosemary, Dawn and all our four legged family would like to wish all Cairn friends Happy Easter

CTC Championship Show Results 29th March 2015

Thursday 2nd April 2015

Judge Jeanette Smith, CTC Club Champ Show in Alva, Scotland

Dexter 3rd Limit Dog

Amy 1st Open Bitch


Reserve Best In Show and Best Opposite Sex in Show

One Champion, A night in Vera and 730 miles....

Thursday 2nd April 2015

Rita and I left home at 8 pm on Friday night (27th March 2015) We were on our way to Scotland to show at Scottish Breeds and CTC champshipship dog shows. 

We stopped off at Tebay services on the way up to walk the doggies and then plodded our way to Scotland arriving at our overnight stop at 2 am in the morning! We spent the first night in Vera (The Van!) it was quite cosy, the dogs seemed to enjoy our company but the rain did wake us up once or twice. 

On Saturday we trundled off to Scottish Breeds. We had quite a good show with Dexter winning Limit and Amy 2nd in Open

We visited the Falkirk Wheel, Kelpies and had a cream tea on the Saturday afternoon then we spent Saturday night with friends and had a lovely relaxed evening watching the dogs play in their garden and enjoying one or two glasses of wine and a fish supper

Sunday - we made our way to the beautiful settling of the Alva, the venue for the CTC Champ show to show under judge Jeanette Smith. 

We were thrilled with our day as Jeanette awarded Amy the CC, RBIS and BOS. This was Amy's 3rd CC meaning she is now a UK champion! 

We didn't really notice the 6 hr journey home.....

in 51 hours we drove 730 miles!

See the Scotland March 2015 Gallery for pictures....

New Carradine Champion!

Sunday 29th March 2015

We are delighted to share with you our exciting news...

Amy - Carradine In Love With Amy owned by Dawn and Rita and bred by Dawn and Rosemary, won her Third CC today at the Cairn Terrier Club Championship Show in Alva, Scotland.

 The judge Jeanette Smith had awarded Amy Best Puppy in Breed at Amy's very first champ show as a 6.5 month old puppy and we are thrilled, delighted and totally chuffed that Jeannette 'made up' Amy today.

photos and more news about our weekend away, sleeping in Vera and 730 mile round trip to Scotland soon....